Is there a role for trado-medicine in the Nigerian health sector? (7)

1 January, 2019

Dear colleagues,

Ethnopharmacology is doubtless an interesting topic. In our rounds of Esperanto-speaking physicians there is quite a popular book with the title African Medicine - Astonishingly Effecttive“ ( - the title is misleading, however, as the book deals with the foundation of an ethnopharmacological hospital in Keur Massar, Senegal, but not with any scientific proofs of the effectiveness of the plants and remedies which are used there. The founder of the hospital, the late french physician Yvette Parès, was doing leprosy research and was obviously impressed by the approaches and remedies of the traditional healers in Senegal, who gave her an introduction in their knowledge. The hospital is still in existence today ( and might be an interesting field to conduct serious research there. Unfortunately I was unable to find any of the original scientific publications of Dr. Parès (if there are any) in French or any other languages. Maybee colleagues from Senegal or France can help in this regard.

Kind regards and best wishes for the new year,

Christoph Klawe

HIFA profile: Christoph Klawe is a Consultant Neurologist and President of UMEA, Universala Medicina Esperanto-Asocio (UMEA), Germany / Esperantujo. Professional interests: Language policy in health care, bridging language gaps in health settings, promoting the international language Esperanto, improving the quality and range of the journal "Medicina Internacia Revuo", neurology, psychiatry, psychotherapy. Email address: umea AT