Thyroidism awareness in Nigeria

7 February, 2019

I was privileged to have met a woman who had toxic goitre and survived thyroidectomy surgery in 2012 and decided to start awareness program about thyroid diseases being first of its kind in Nigeria. Her main goal is to make information available to everyone in Nigeria about thyroid disesaes..on 29/01/2019 a public lecture was held to officially lauched the ngo. I will like to know if there is a similar organisation any where in low income country and if yes we will like to have more informations on treatments options available. These informations will help more people in nigeria so that people will stop dieing from lack of information on thyroid diseases.

HIFA profile: Durojaye Lasisi is Medical Director at Maciland Medicare Services in Nigeria. Professional interests: Rural surgical practice. durojayelasisi AT