Thyroidism awareness in Nigeria (2) Traditional medicine (11)

9 February, 2019

Why the need for thyroidism awareness in Nigeria? A client was sent to me by thyroidism awareness support initiative last year. This client has gone to a local tradititional doctor for treatment of her goitre. This herbalist just made incision on her neck without any form of anaesthesia and poured chemical into her neck as a form of treatment she spent over a year with him before she was sent to me because the corrosive effect of the chemical made her neck to bleed continuously. However we were able to make a corrective surgery for her after she has gone severally to government hospital without solution. Poor awareness about thyroid diseases and poor harmful traditional practice is harmful coupled with poor health system in Nigeria has caused a lot of loss of lives.

HIFA profile: Durojaye Lasisi is Medical Director at Maciland Medicare Services in Nigeria. Professional interests: Rural surgical practice. durojayelasisi AT