Training course: Systematic reviews - A course for humanitarian decision makers

4 March, 2019

Training course: Systematic reviews - A course for humanitarian decision makers

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Are you a humanitarian decision maker? Would you like to understand how systematic reviews fit into the context of evidence synthesis? Come and find out all about it at our course being held in Oxford, UK, on 10th April:

Building on his successful and popular courses on systematic reviews in a wide variety of settings, Professor Mike Clarke will run this 1-day Evidence Aid course to place systematic reviews in the context of disasters and the provision of humanitarian aid. The course will provide learning and practical experience in a small group setting for many aspects of systematic reviewing. These include question formulation and eligibility criteria, searching for eligible material, data extraction, analysis, and reporting. Examples relevant to the humanitarian sector will be used to illustrate key points and participants should leave the course feeling more comfortable about embarking on their own systematic review and when using reviews for decision making.

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HIFA profile: Claire Allen is Operations Manager at Evidence Aid, UK. Professional interests: Evidence Aid ( provides evidence for people in disaster preparedness and response to make better decisions. Areas of interest = humanitarian crises, natural disasters and major healthcare emergencies (disaster = when a country is unable to cope with the disaster/crisis or emergency). She is a member of the HIFA Working Group on Access to Health Research and the HIFA Working Group on Library and Information Services.

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