Transmission of Ebola within the health system (4) Ebola information on DR Congo Ministry of Health website

3 May, 2019

In my previous message I recalled the inaccurate information on the Nigeria Ministry of Health website, reported by HIFA in 2014 and subsequently corrected.

It would be valuable to check what information on Ebola is being given currently on the DR Congo MoH website in the midst of this worsening outbreak that has now claimed nearly 1500 lives, and when it is clear that dangerous misinformation is rife across social networks. The MoH website should be at the forefront of efforts to provide reliable information.

On the MoH home page ( there is a panel called MALADIE A VIRUS EBOLA EN DRC. If you click on this, you are sent to a separate website with a login page, from where it is impossible to go further:

"Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS wants to access your ArcGIS Online account information"

I eventually found a link labelled Ebola buried in 'Urgences sanitaires'. This led me to a collection of news items on the latest Ebola statistics, the most recent being dated November 2018. I could not find any practical guidance on how to prevent or manage suspected Ebola.

The website section EDUCATION ET SANTE is completely empty:

Clearly, the MoH website is not the main channel of helth communication for the majority of people in DR Congo, but it should nevertheless contain authoritative information for reference and for the benefit of journalists, health professionals and others responsible for providing reliable healthcare information.

Am I missing something?

Best wishes, Neil

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