Universal access to essential health information ­ paper in BMJ Global Health (2)

18 May, 2020

Dear Geoff et al, Congrats for getting the message published to BMJ, and I would like to see the word "actionable" before each mention of essential healthcare information; it is a key factor to its utility. [*see note below]

Thanks and best wishes, Daniel

HIFA profile: Daniel Stern is a HIFA Representative and member of the mHIFA WG. He is a member of Uganda MCH TWG. Daniel is Co-founder of the educational NGO Uconnect, and of the Innovation Hub, Hive Colab, and is also Cofounder of ISOC Uganda and Uganda IXP. He is a UN WSA National Expert. His Uconnect team distributes off-line E-Learning content, including Hesperian Health Guides to schools in East Africa since 2008. During his six-years as Lead for Uganda Mobile Monday he regularly organized events with mobile health themes, usually in collaboration with UNICEF’s Uganda team, and their pan African IntraHealth efforts to improve interoperative healthcare systems, both within and between countries,via mHero, such that developer- entrepreneurs’s apps would align with the latest trends by MoH policies. http://www.hifa.org/support/members/daniel

DStern AT Uconnect.org

[*Note from HIFA moderator (Neil PW): Thanks Daniel, indeed we 'highlight the growing evidence of the impact of wider access to practical and actionable information on health for the public, carers and frontline health workers and provide illustrative, evidence-based, examples of how increasing access to essential health information can accelerate the achievement of UHC and other health targets of the SDGs'.]