Use of YouTube for conveying healthcare information (5) Medical Aid Films (2)

12 September, 2019


This mail is in response to Helen's mail.

YouTube is a repository of videos. It allows one to upload videos, catalog them, create channels, and sequence them. Public can search the videos. At the same time, keeping in mind YouTube's business model, there is every possibility that the well-researched videos uploaded by Medical Aid Films are buried in the clutter of the many sponsored videos and the like. Further, when a person from the public searched YouTube, its quantity of search results like that of Google can numb a person and even take the user to an incorrect informational video.

A good way would be for healthcare professionals to prescribe information just as they would prescribe medicine. Technology can be used to chart out the patient journey for a health complaint. To each step of such a journey, one can tag information resources so that there is improved patient outcome.

Regards/ Rameshwar

HIFA profile: Rameshwar is Co-founder of Bamboo Wellness Solutions LLP in India. Professional interests: Health literacy, Information therapy, Healthcare professional - Patient engagement. Email address: rameshwar AT