Watch the WHA from the NGO viewpoint

15 May, 2019

Dear everyone

To follow the WHA-World Health Assembly from the standpoint of not-for-profit civil society, you may look at our website where our General Secretary Thomas Schwartz of Medicus Mundi is doing a great job with a calendar of events, discussions, along with the People's Health Movement.


HIFA profile: Garance Fannie Upham is a long time advocate for safety in health care. At present she is Deputy General Secretary, ACdeBMR / WAAAR World Alliance Against Antibiotic Resistance ( Shortlisted by the EU AMR Prize competition, Chief Editor AMR-Times (English /francais/Arabic) Editor, "AMR Control 2015" and AMR Control 2016 ex-Member, Steering committee, Patients for Patient Safety, Patient Safety Program, World Health Organization (2004-Jan 2014) ( She is also Treasurer, Member of the St. Com. of G2H2, the Geneva based platform for NGOs (