Webinar: Reimagining Community Health to Advance Health Equity in the 21st Century (2) African Forum for Primary Health Care

6 September, 2019

Hi Becky

I really appreciate your sharing this. Please consider joining AfroPHC (https://www.woncaafrica.org/afrophc) if you are interested and willing to share your insights there. I have posted it on my blog www.ProfMoosa.com and will cross post it to the AfroPHC group for now. Please go here: https://forms.gle/sM3vYgJHJ7Ep38EQ7 to join AfroPHC.

rgds, Shabir

Prof S. Moosa

HIFA profile: Shabir Moosa is an Associate Professor and Family Physician in the Department of Family Medicine & Primary Health Care, Johannesburg Health District and University of Witwatersrand. Visit website www.profmoosa.com and email shabir AT profmoosa.com