What can Herbal or Traditional medicine treat? (7)

9 July, 2019

" in the year 2002. A herbal medicine processing plant has been launched in Kenya amid a raging debate over the government’s intention to introduce herbal drugs in public hospitals.

The plant - the first of its kind in the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) region - will allow large scale production of herbal medicinees in tablet, capsule or syrup form, and will act as a training centre for herbal practitioners in the region.

But the 6000-member Kenya Medical Association (KMA) opposes the project, arguing that traditional medicine practitioners lack knowledge of modern medicine, and that the effectiveness of most herbal drugs has not been scientifically proven." SciDev.Net. 2002.

Gadhvi N. P. Eldoret Provincial Hospital, Kenya, says of his personal experiments and experience with 100 patients - "the majority of rural patients have no access to radiotherapy or chemotherapy for advanced cancer due to the high cost. Herbal therapy may be an alternative form of treatment. Between 1995 and 2001, 100 patients with advanced breast carcinoma were treated herbal therapy following palliative mastectomy. The patients were regularly followed up and response to herbal therapy noted.

Herbal therapy given in advanced breast cancer was found to produce remarkable properties in controlling local recurrence and development of distant metastases and was devoid of serious side effects such as immunosuppression, liver and kidney damage, sterility and hair loss which are associated with radiotherapy or chemotherapy.

The quality of life with herbal therapy is far superior with herbal therapy than with radiotherapy or chemotherapy."

Dr. Ben Carson, World number one neurosurgeon and USA Presidential aspirant. I his book - Take the risk, affirmed strong evidence on the healing properties hidden in the use of herbs. You can find a copy of the book and read through sir.

You mentioned training, certification, licence and regulations of traditional medicine practice which you have not seen. Okay sir. Although this page is for health education and information, not for any unproductive academic debate. It may interest you to know that the duty monitoring, training, supervision, licencing, regulations of practice and development of indigenous traditional medicine was put under Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria (MDCN) but failed. Yet, in Nigeria today, we have about 17 institutions, including the Federal government owned Natural Medicine College in Lagos Nigeria, where the late Prof. Magnus Atilade pioneered.

What is essential is invincible to the eye. Our fathers have had their methods of trainings. The essence they have medication for every parts, organs, and systems of the body. They can examine, through direct and indirect methods, what other evidence do you want?

I want to thank HIFA for providing this platform to share knowledge and ideas for humanity. I want to thank Charles Dhewa from Zimbabwe as well. Kenneth from Zambia thank you too. For us here in Nigeria, Certificate is rated higher than skills, knowledge possessed in your special field. That is why our leadership position is filled by fake people with fake, forged certificate and nothing seems to be actively functioning. I'm not trying to insult anybody, this is the home-truth.

Falodun, A, and Imieje, V. Dept of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Benin, Benin City, Nigeria says, "For Nigeria to meet WHO health for all by 2015, the Traditional medicine Bill and other health related legislature need to be passed into law so that traditional medicine is fully integrated into our health care system."

We have a lot to learn if we can be more humble and ready to learn from one another. I'm a learner here.


HIFA profile: Owolabi Sunday Adebayo is a Health Officer (CHW) with special interest in Herbal medicine at Ilera Eda Herbal World in Nigeria. Professional interests: Trained Community Health Extension Worker, has cert in Health Administration and Mgt and a Bsc in Health Edu. Professional interest in Traditional medicine. I operate a traditional medicine center, produce Herbal medicine.... currently treating patients with High blood pressure, stroke and breast cancer. Email address: oasisofcreative AT yahoo.com