WhatsApp Groups to Share Public Service Videos Available on Washing Your Hands and Preventing Sickness

18 March, 2020

Scientific Animations Without Borders (SAWBO) has two short, animated tutorials targeted across ages, cultures and literacy levels available on key disease prevention topics. These videos are available immediately for your download and distribution free of charge.

The SAWBO team has the following animations in multiple languages and we are able to share through WhatsApp.

1. How to Wash Your Hands is available in 21 language variants and demonstrates proper hand washing (See the list given near the bottom of this message).

2. Preventing Sickness is another short animation that contains a basic overview of disease transmission concepts and ways to minimize them. It is available in 11 languages (See the list given near the bottom of this message).


If you can help us set up WHATSAPP USER GROUPS in your country, please chat the SAWBO team at +1-(217)-218-0485 on WhatsApp (PLEASE DO NOT CALL).

Links by language variant and video are provided alphabetically below. If these videos can be of use in your region of the world, please text SAWBO at the above number on WhatsApp.

SAWBO is a Michigan State University based initiative, which focuses on the development of educational content for people around the planet. We create animations and place them into local languages understanding that knowledge is power and that it needs to be accessible to all. SAWBO has over 80+ educational animations available in 145+ language combinations on numerous topics ranging from health care to agriculture. See our video library for a complete list of animations.

How to Wash Your Hands

Arabic https://youtu.be/J2U8pYZU0mA

Bengali https://youtu.be/hci91Tw2l9A

Catalan https://youtu.be/EEn2S3r2D5o

Chinese (China) https://youtu.be/43dBot-5OzM

Chinese (Taiwan) https://youtu.be/hoZ4Ie-b5F0

Dutch https://youtu.be/kmqf8iaoxw0

English https://youtu.be/w1BM4rhI1qc

Fante https://youtu.be/_UJyohqTr9U

Fon https://youtu.be/PQOe9IxZajc

French https://youtu.be/cE9Ii9C39pM

Gujarati https://youtu.be/doCSCztiFjc

Italian https://youtu.be/_FSDx_oHYbM

Lingala https://youtu.be/QfUklkPOg0g

Lomwe (Mozambique) https://youtu.be/MNR6ABFF1io

Mongolian https://youtu.be/02aZtsix640

Norwegian https://youtu.be/n1-9TuAeLU8

Portuguese (Brazil) https://youtu.be/u2OCDqzNoMc

Portuguese (Mozambique) https://youtu.be/9EAZJm8dsuM

Spanish https://youtu.be/N8BRAfFQ60k

Themne https://youtu.be/1xKtHv15S_s

Urdu https://youtu.be/l81gwdHJRUg

Preventing Sickness

Bengali https://youtu.be/jmrzO78Wb1M

Chinese (Taiwan) https://youtu.be/CK7_e6Ydr3Y

English https://youtu.be/zYcenMPPRHU

French https://youtu.be/v6FyqwLYoIE

Kinyarwanda https://youtu.be/yt6meo3pflg

Lingala https://youtu.be/Ey0MtFxHRic

Lomwe https://youtu.be/szjA-JAUKME

Mongolian https://youtu.be/pq6YvgVAOeY

Portuguese https://youtu.be/O5OyJgz572M

Spanish https://youtu.be/uJvOR32r1Jc

Swahili https://youtu.be/Kb94J-Q0lkw

Swahili w/English subtitles https://youtu.be/jyTloC2nZTA

For any questions or more information on SAWBO please email us at contact@sawbo-animations.org or seveadames@sawbo-animations.org

HIFA profile: Barry Pittendrigh is a Professor at Scientific Animations Without Borders (SAWBO), USA. Scientific Animations Without Borders (SAWBO) creates and deploys educational animations for low literate learners in their own languages. These animations can be downloaded from SAWBOs website and used on cell phones in educational programs. pittendr AT illinois.edu