WHO Aims To Broaden Dialogue With Civil Society

2 February, 2019

Extracts below, from Health Policy Watch, and a comment from me. Full text here: https://www.healthpolicy-watch.org/who-aims-to-broaden-dialogue-with-civ...


The World Health Organization is exploring ways to expand relationships with non-governmental organizations, including broader collaborations on key global health priorities and a possible informal consultation with civil society every year, Director General Dr Tedros Adhanom Gheyebresus told WHO’s Executive Board today.

WHO’s relationships with “non-state actors” as they are described in WHO parlance, can be complicated since groups range from non-profit health and humanitarian organizations, to for-profit corporations or corporate foundations. Rules of engagement are governed by a so-called “Framework for Engagement with Non-State Actors (FENSA).” FENSA includes provisions for careful review of collaborations or partnerships with WHO, as well as of the groups applying for recognition “in official relations” a status which enables them to attend and speak at meetings such as the Executive Board (EB) and the annual World Health Assembly (WHA).

On the opening day of this year’s EB session (which runs from 24 January – 1 February), WHO’s Dr Tedros had already told the 34-member governing body that he would like to open the doors to wider engagement with non-governmental organizations as part of the broader transformation plans of the organization. WHO should “manage the risks” rather than be “risk averse,” he said...

“FENSA is not a fence... “WHO should be engaged.”


Comment (NPW): HIFA has been working hard to strengthen our valued collaborations with WHO over the past 10 years, with a view to apply for official relations status when our case is strong enough to do so, hopefully at the end of this year.

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