WHO announces four new goodwill ambassadors for promoting global health

22 May, 2019

In case HIFA Members missed it, WHO announced four new goodwill ambassadors for promoting global health on Monday.

Alisson Becker, goalkeeper of the Brazilian national and Liverpool football teams, and [his wife, I believe] Dr Natália Loewe Becker, medical doctor and health advocate from Brazil, as WHO Goodwill Ambassadors for Health Promotion;

Cynthia Germanotta, President of Born This Way Foundation, which was co-founded with her daughter Lady Gaga, as WHO Goodwill Ambassador for Mental Health;

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, former President of Liberia, as WHO Goodwill Ambassador for Health Workforce


I'm sure members will join me in wishing them success in their new roles - let's hope they also help improve access to health information!

Best wishes


HIFA profile: Julie N Reza is a UK-based specialist in communications for biosciences, global health & international development (www.globalbiomedia.co.uk). She predominantly works with NGOs and not-for-profit organisations. Previously she was the senior science editor at TDR, based at the World Health Organization (WHO) in Geneva; prior to this she worked at the Wellcome Trust, UK, leading educational projects on international health topics including trypanosomiasis and trachoma. She has a PhD in immunology and a specialist degree in science communication. She also has several years research and postgraduate teaching experience. She is a member of the HIFA Steering Group and HIFA Social Media Working Group. www.hifa.org/people/steering-group www.hifa.org/people/social-media www.hifa.org/support/members/julie naimareza AT hotmail.com