WHO: Consultation on technical documents supporting quality of care in fragile, conflict-affected and vulnerable (FCV) settings

8 April, 2020

Dear Colleague,

The WHO national quality policy and strategy (NQPS) team [https://www.who.int/servicedeliverysafety/areas/qhc/nqps/en/] has been working alongside colleagues in WHO and the Global Health Cluster to address the need for urgent action on quality of care as a key consideration for service delivery in settings of fragility, conflict and vulnerability (FCV). A short paper introducing this work is available here: https://www.who.int/bulletin/volumes/98/1/19-246280/en/

As part of this work, WHO is developing technical support documents that build on the WHO Handbook for NQPS [https://www.who.int/servicedeliverysafety/areas/qhc/nqps_handbook/en/], recognising the particular needs and challenges of FCV settings. As presented in the recent GLL Quarterly Pulse, we are now requesting interested parties to review two documents:

1) Quality of care in FCV settings – taking action.

A supplement to the WHO Handbook for NQPS

This has been developed on an accelerated timescale to meet significant and growing demand from Member States and technical partners. The content adapts and builds on the well-established approach set out in the WHO NQPS handbook, as well as a strong academic foundation supported by the Gillings School of Global Public Health at the University of North Carolina, including illustrative quality interventions for FCV settings drawn from evidence scans, field interviews and expert consultation over a nearly two year project.

2) Quality of care in FCV settings: tools and resources compendium

This companion document contains a pragmatic collection of tools and resources identified as having practical value in supporting action on quality in FCV settings. The tools and resources included have been carefully curated by several rounds of scoping by members of the WHO NQPS team, and through a broad co-development call seeking inputs from within and beyond WHO.

We would welcome your review of these documents Colleague, using the structured feedback form. To access the document and the form, click here [https://extranet.who.int/dataform/113348]. Your reflections would be welcome by 8 May 2020.

Thank you for making the time to provide your expert reflections on these technical products.

Kind Regards,

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