WHO Director-General: "People must have access to accurate information to protect themselves and others" (3)

10 February, 2020

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The Science we are living today is the title of an observation I made as a result of the experience from Cameroon of the growing effects of the coronavirus.

It is extremely clear that people should access to accurate information. It is VITAL!. However, how do we ensure this in our digital era where information is naturally more likely to be manipulated as a result of the very nature of the technologies that enable it to be accessible? Science has never had a greater challenge like now to proof it is accurate when several people can share and even make information available.

The coronavirus pandemic is posing important problems on how information and knowledge within cultures is communicated. More in risk situations.

Risk communication in the digital era with the changing nature of communities and their engagement might be one one the problems to investigate upon for the future.

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