WHO Director-General: "People must have access to accurate information to protect themselves and others" (4)

11 February, 2020

Dear HIFA Colleagues

There are certain Public Health standards and competencies for a Global or National Public Health Organization. Same applies regards standards and competencies in the area of Communicable Disease Control, Elimination and Eradication.

One of them is health promotion for quality KABP targeted at individuals, families, communities and public.

Second one is health information for quality KABP targeted at health workers, health facilities and public health disease control programs.

WHO at last has started a long over due Health promotion department. The other department is communication department.

But there is no WHO department to focus on getting high quality information to heath workers? May be HIFA can work with the WHO work force department on this vital area. [*see note below]

Be well. Be happy

Dr. Shiva Murugasampillay

Public Health Physician & Disease Control and Elimination Specialist

Global Public Health (Freedom from Disease and Health for All)

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HIFA profile: Shiva Murugasampillay is the Director at Global Public Health in Switzerland. Professional interests: Global Public Health, Disease control, elimination and eradication, Primary Health Care, and District Health Systems. shivapublichealth AT gmail.com