WHO GLL Announcement: Global Health Compassion Rounds

21 November, 2019

WHO GLL Announcement: Global Health Compassion Rounds


Gathering a global community to share experiences, challenge ideas, and spark thinking on compassion in global health

Please join us for the first of our quarterly Global Health Compassion Rounds

on December 4, 2019 at 10:30 EST (16:30 GMT+1)

What are global health compassion rounds?

The rounds are a safe space to discuss topics on compassion within health service delivery. They will be themed and include an introduction on “why this round,” followed by an invited reflection from a global health expert. The remaining time will be dedicated to open discussion to continue exploring compassion with the global community.

The December 4th event will feature:

Heather Howard

Senior Global Health Advisor at Alight

(formerly American Refugee Committee)

Please plan to join us by registering here.

Hosted by the Focus Area for Compassion and Ethics (FACE) at the Task Force for Global

Health and the Global Learning Laboratory (GLL) at the World Health Organization.

For additional questions, please email us at face@taskforce.org