WHO releases first guideline on digital health interventions (4)

21 April, 2019

I find that exclusion unusual too, while push information is very important as a form of education, creation of awareness and information, a focus on pull should also have been well highlighted in the document, as in a lot of cases people have personal issues they will like to get clarity on which the push method may not cater for. People prefer tailored messages that directly addresses what they desire, overlooking that is a huge gap that needs to be fixed, this is more important in cases of emergencies, hard to reach areas and in cases medical advice, Hesperia seems to be doing awesomely in this regard. It is also because of this that some other doctors and I in Nigeria are building http://wellvis.org , it's basically a pull platform that offers tailored information to individuals for free, and also on demand.

I do hope that the document will be treated as a live one, and will be continuously updated to reflect the demands and changes that will occur in the ever changing digital landscape.

HIFA profile: Owoyemi Ayomide is a medical doctor and Public Health practitioner, He currently works as a technical associate with an NGO working on HIV/AIDS care in Nigeria. He is also a Carrington Youth fellow. Professional interests: Maternal and Child health, Health education, Health financing. ayomideowoyemi AT gmail.com