WHO: Request for tools and resources: quality in fragility, conflict and vulnerability (FCV) settings

6 June, 2019

Dear Colleague,

The WHO National Quality Policy and Strategy (NQPS) initiative invites you to share tools and resources relevant to improving quality in settings of fragility, conflict and vulnerability (FCV). The purpose of this co-development communication is to request, collect and collate tools and resources to support quality in these settings.

If you have any tools and resources of particular relevance to quality in settings of fragility, conflict and vulnerability, we would be very pleased if you could share these with us. Further information regarding content and submission is below. The deadline for submissions is Friday 21st June 2019.

Quality in settings of fragility, conflict and vulnerability: a request for tools and resources

Quality health care requires services that are safe, effective, people-centred, timely, efficient, equitable and integrated. There is increasing recognition that quality is a key consideration for service delivery in FCV settings, however also awareness that the strategic approach required in these areas is unique and likely to differ significantly to that of more stable settings.

There exist a number of definitions that describe settings of fragility, conflict and vulnerability, however for the purposes of this tools collation exercise we are seeking quality related tools applicable to setting affected by acute or ongoing instances of political turmoil, conflict, violence, and natural disaster, where there is a breakdown in authority, systems, and services.

Building on the recently published “WHO Handbook for national quality policy and strategy”, the WHO NQPS Team is developing a supplementary document related to strategic approaches to quality in FCV settings. To accompany this supplement, a compendium of practical tools and resources to support these approaches is currently in development.

The focus of this first WHO Quality in FCV Compendium is on further specific, relevant and practical tools and resources with utility for improving quality in FCV settings. Our intention is that this compendium will become a key resource for all stakeholders involved in efforts to improve quality in FCV environments.

How can you contribute?

We are seeking resources with relevance to quality in settings of fragility, conflict and vulnerability. We also hope to gather tools, resources and practical examples that relate to FCV settings organised around, but not limited to the following themes:

· Strategic approaches to address quality

· Shaping the system environment to support quality

· Ensuring basic access and infrastructure for health care

· Reducing harm in health care

· Improving clinical care in FCV settings

· Engaging patients, families and communities

Is there a tool, resource or piece of reference material that you have found helpful in addressing quality in the context of FCV settings? Is there a “case study” or field experience that you think would benefit others who are working to support quality in FCVs? We invite you to share it with us.

Any contribution is appreciated and will be considered carefully by the WHO NQPS team for inclusion in the Quality in FCV Tools and Resources Compendium.

How to share:

When sharing your tool or resource, please include the following information:

· What is it called?

· Where did the tool or resource come from? (source, hyperlink, citation etc)

· What is the relevance to quality in FCV settings?

1. Register for the NQPS Learning Pod on the Global Learning Laboratory platform and upload your resource. Joining the learning pod affords the opportunity to engage with and identify other resources relevant to NQPS.

· If you are not a member of the Global Learning Laboratory, please register here.

· If you are already a member, please join the NQPS Learning Pod by clicking on the Learning Pod tab.

2. Email the resource to GLL4QUHC@who.int

We would welcome any contributions submitted by Friday 21st June 2019.

Please do share this request widely within your networks.

All the best,

The WHO GLL Team

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