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13 August, 2019


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As the President of WONCA Africa, the organisation of family doctors in Africa, I have prioritised engagement with key stakeholders. We have had great success in engaging WHO AFRO and will be having a special WONCA Africa – WHO AFRO team meeting before joining the WHO AFRO Regional Committee Meeting 19-23rd August as special observer. This is where African Ministers of Health get reports from the WHO AFRO Regional Director, Dr. Moeti. I hope we can get strong engagement with a host of key people in this time and take forward the agenda of PHC teams in Africa that include family doctors appropriately. Primafamed is on the agenda. Our plan, to have WHO AFRO Country Representatives facilitate interactions between our country Member Organisations and high-level government officials in those countries to address challenges of PHC and the role of family doctors there, will be expanded to include other members of the PHC team. As we said, we don’t want to leave our PHC team colleagues behind.

We are keen to develop an African forum for Primary Health Care (AfroPHC) to bring together all healthcare professionals/workers at the African coalface in primary care and ensure that we ALL have a voice in policy on primary health care in Africa. We already have a number of key stakeholders supporting it: clinical officer organisations, nursing organisations, CHW organisations and a range of the others interested/involved in PHC in Africa to develop such a forum. Key people so far are David Lusale of the African Network for Associate Clinicians (representing clinical officers/clinical associates in Africa), Thembeka Gwagwa of the International Council for Nurses (representing nurses in Africa broadly), Bongi Sibanda of the Anglophone Africa Advance Practice Nursing Coalition (representing family nurse practitioner in Africa), Godwin Aja of Towards Unity for Health (representing the TUFH Africa region and public health practitioners), Marietjie de Villers of AFREHealth (representing a range of health educators/researchers in Africa), Nat Otoo of SPARC (representing strategic purchasing officials in Africa), George Kimathi of AMREF (representing CHWs and engaged communities in Africa), Prosper Tumusiime of WHO AFRO (representing WHO), and Champion Nyoni of AfrIPEN (representing a range of other African healthcare professionals keen on teamwork in PHC). See more details here.

We plan to have a meeting in May/June 2020 in Johannesburg to explore further and generate a strong partnership. AfroPHC is on the agenda in the WONCA Africa meeting with WHO AFRO. This collaboration may become the global lead on developing WHO guidance on teamwork in PHC. We need ordinary frontline healthcare workers to get engaged. Join the AfroPHC Google Group here and make your voice heard.

The National Health Insurance (NHI) Bill has been introduced to Parliament in South Africa and is available here. It is much more streamlined than the previous Green and White Papers and essentially sets up the NHI Fund. See some of the media comments on it at www.ProfMoosa.com. It represents great progress and something Africans could explore (see summary of possible PHC contracting). However the bill is still fuzzy on PHC service delivery. I hope to comment on this soon. As South Africans we need to ensure that what becomes law is the best for South Africa.

Join the WONCA Africa PhD Webinar: Prof Shabir Moosa “My PhD journey” 8pm (GMT+2) Thursday 185h August 2019. Register here. See more at the WONCA Africa Ph.D. Forum. A recording of last month’s webinar is available there.

Join the WONCA Africa Academic Development Webinar: Prof Mergan Naidoo “Developing MCQs” 8pm (GMT+2) Thursday 22nd August 2019. Register here. See more at the WONCA Africa Academic Development. A recording of last month’s webinar is available there.

Keep in touch. Visit the WONCA Africa website and join WONCA Africa colleagues on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Telegram. Feel free to circulate this email to colleagues. Ask them to join the email list here. Don’t forget to join us for the WONCA2020 Conference in Abu Dhabi.

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