World AIDS Day, 1 December 2019

23 November, 2019

Dear HIFA members

Greetings from Kampala

1st December, 2019, the AIDS day celebration is around the corner. I would like to appreciated members for their contribution towards health issues. Different info on communicable and non-communicable diseases has been discussed in the forum.

As for the case of AIDs, we need to consistently inform the people that AIDS is controllable but not curable. Having HIV/AIDS weakens your body's immune system. It destroys the white blood cells that fight infection. This puts you at risk for opportunistic infections (OIs). OIs are serious infections that take advantage of your weak immune system. These infections are less common and less severe in healthy people.

In developing countries, the AIDS problem is worsening every other day because of, low awareness levels which results in delayed diagnosis, poor health-seeking behaviours, an inadequately trained health care workforce and inconsistency in the availability of drugs and supplies to manage AIDS.

There is need to raise awareness among the population on the importance of screening, strengthening patient education to promote better health outcomes, strengthening research to inform practice and policy and to build health providers capacity to respond to the growing numbers of people with AIDS in need of services.

Inadequate patient education can lead to poorly controlled other AIDS related diseases and thus complications.


Isooba Fredrick

HIFA profile: Isooba Fredrick is Director of Global Effort for Women Against AIDS (GEWA), Kampala, Uganda. GEWA is a Community Based Organisation registered with Kampala City Council, and it has operated two projects: Single Mothers and Child Care in Makerere Zone of Kampala Area. isoobafred2006 AT