World AIDS Day, 1 December 2019 (1) Misinformation about HIV 'cures'

28 November, 2019

This an information being advertised on social media. It is commercialize. Anyone who knows about the company and the drug? [*see note below]

Gammora HIV Drug Kills Virus

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Gammora (hiv/aids) cure, is a synthetic peptide compound derived from the HIV enzyme integrase, which is responsible for inserting the virus's genetic material into the DNA of the infected cell.

Gammora stimulates the integration of multiple HIV DNA fragments into the host cell's genomic DNA, to an extent that triggers the self-destruction of the infected cell, called apoptosis.”

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Call/text/WhatsApp: +1 (301) 857-3068


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[*Note from HIFA moderator (Neil PW): This is an example of misinformation, which is unfortunately very common with HIV/AIDS. 'An Israeli biotech company has issued a misleading press release which has encouraged some media outlets to falsely suggest that a new drug, Gammora, may be able to cure HIV... The study has not been presented at a scientific conference, published in a peer-reviewed journal or registered with a regulatory agency.]