World Aids Day 1 December: the battle is not over yet (2)

2 December, 2018

Definitely the battle is not over!

HIV/AIDS is still among us and claims worldwide almost a million lives a year.

The fight against HIV faces important continued and new challenges.

We still need to reduce further the death toll from AIDS, which is stagnating for the moment.

Still everyday people arrive at the hospitals in advanced stages of the disease at acute risk of death.

Moreover, we cannot take for granted any of the progress made, especially in the current context of international donors retreating from funding the HIV response.

World AIDS Day is about national and international solidarity with people living with HIV who continue to fight for their life, struggling with barriers of neglect and discrimination…

In 2018, WAD is still about those who continue to die in the shadow of success.

For your information hereby some reflections by MSF on World AIDS Day 2018, with a briefing document made by MSF on the current situation of HIV funding and its consequences for patients and programs, called ‘Treatment scale-down ahead? Rationing the HIV response in the shadow of success’.

See the following weblinks:

Dying in the shadow of success, by Florence Anam

MSF funding brief ' Treatment scale-down ahead? Rationing the HIV response in the shadow of success':

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