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World Cancer Day 2019 (3)

4 February, 2019

I join Ngozi on this 4th of February to add my voice on the Nigerian Cancer Control Scene with the following Key message:


1) Early Detection & Utilization Of ‘Vaccinations Against Cancers’ Saves Lives,

2) But like the Gospel, don’t be selfish after you get converted and do your Screening or recieve your Vaccination, 2a) Inform others (WCD Theme: I AM & I WILL) 2b) Support others, support Communities, support your Sphere of Influence, to get Screened, & or vaccinated

3) Reduce your risk for Cancer through Healthy lifestyle vigilance: 3a) Excercise at least 45 minutes Daily x 3 times a week 3b) shun & avoid Sedentary lifestyle 3c) Be intentional about your food choices, choose natural healthy unprocessed carbohydrates, lentils, fruits & Vegetables ... especially leafy green vegetables & Fruits (the more the variety of colours the better) 3d) Avoid Smoking (Primary/Secondary smoking), 3e) Reduce Alcohol intake or better still, delete it from your diet 3f) Avoid Obesity, especially Belly fat 3g) keep Hydrating yourself with water (you are 70-80% water) 3h) Adopt better health seeking behaviors

4) Be a Cancer Control Advocate, pass the message (Each one touch One), support Work of Cancer NGOs ( Contribute to Patient Treatment Support Funds & Screening funds, & join to advocate Government/Private Sector for provision of more Cancer Detection/Treatment/Care facilities). 5) Finally, find out how to invest as Private Sector to provide more, Screening & Treatment Centres


Essentially to Facilitate better Access to Cancer Prevention/Care, especially through

1) Better Access to Cancer Drugs (engage with pharmaceutical companies, & utilizing strategy of purchasing bulk from them, to ensure they drop prices and make available accessible/affordable drugs

2) provide more Radiotherapy Centres (encouraging both Private/ Public Sector -driven facilities )

3) Ensure facilities cover Cancer Management across Continuum of Care, to include Prevention & Palliation (ensuring end of life quality of life issues are properly handled)

4) Effective provision for vigilant pain management

5) Mandatory UHC/HI & inclusion of Cancer drugs in NHIS

6) Suport & promote Capacity of All Categories if healthcare providers involved in Disgnosis, Management and Care of Cancer Patients in both horning their Skills, Professional Development, acquisition/proficiency and Research Capacity

7) Creating enabling environment/support for cancer research, & growth of Indigenous drug Development ( scaling Access to Clinical Trials, to enable our local low-hanging candidates with medicinal potential, get to the market place, if their efficacy are proved

8) Establishing more efficient structures for data storage, retrieval and management with a trusted National Cancer Registry. ... generating reliable data germaine to Nigeria

9) Foster more synergy, dialogue and collaboration with NGOs supporting Cancer Control in the Control

10) Roll out Effective Cancer Vaccination and Screening programs!


#IAmAndIWill | World Cancer Day feat. will.iam., Shawn Mendes, Alessia C... https://youtu.be/H0jvwNgnqhA via @YouTube.

Prof Ifeoma Okoye, is Director of The UNN Centre For Clinical Trials (UNNCECT), Chairman of the AGCPN-African Clinical Trial Consortium, Chairman of The Nigerian Clinical Trial Technical Working Group, Member, National Health Research Committee of the National Health Act, Consultant to NAFDAC on Clinical Trials!

Professor Ifeoma Okoye is also an *Ashoka Fellow*, Professor of Radiology, College of Medicine, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Consultant Radiologist, University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital Enugu (UNTH), *Editor of The West African Journal of Radiology, jChairperson, 'Breast Without Spot' Cancer/NCD Initiative, Co-Director, Bone Marrow Donor's Registry, Nigeria (BMRN), Initiator of Clinical Trial Africa Vision 2020, which gave birth to the: 1st All Africa Clinical Trial Summit/AGCPN-African Clinical Trial Consortium, & Initiator Nation-Wide 'Go Pink Day' in Nigeria. She has authored/Co-Authored 9 books and over 90 publications in peer reviewed journals!

My Respects



C/O *Charity House*, Ojo Maduekwe Centre, University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus!

: http://www.clinicaltrialsummit.org

Emails: info@clinicaltrialsummit.org, okoyeij@unncolmed.org,

agcpnng@gmail.com, TEL NOS: +234 803 314 4449, +234 803 809 3464,

07089056843, 07085194210 .

Social Media handles: FB: agcpn,Bwsenugu, Instagram:agcpn_cts2017, Bws_Wellness Centre, Breastwithoutspot, Twitter - agcpng, Profifeomaokoye

http://www.breastwithoutspotng.org, http://www.bonemarrownigeria.org, agcpng@gmail.com

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