World Hand Hygiene Day- Join the GHP Twitter Storm on May 5

1 May, 2019

Dear Colleagues,

The Global Handwashing Partnership will be hosting a Twitter storm in correspondence with this year's World Hand Hygiene Day ( on May 5. The purpose of a Twitter storm is to have a sudden spike in activity surrounding a certain topic (hand hygiene), amplifying the topic through a flurry of messages posted at a specific time. We hope that you will join us for our Twitter storm on Sunday, May 5 (World Hand Hygiene Day), from 10-11AM EDT.

Please use this prompt for your posts: Share examples of how proper hand hygiene contributes to universal health coverage using #HHforUHC. In addition, please include the day's hashtags #HandHygiene #InfectionPrevention #HealthforAll in your post to further amplify this issue. Below are sample tweets you can use during the Tweetstorm; however, we encourage you to also share your own tweets, photos, videos, and graphics. Likewise, we encourage you to schedule your posts in advance using a social media management platform (e.g. Hootsuite).


- 1 in 10 patients get an avoidable infection when receiving health care. Healthcare-associated infections are a problem in ALL countries. Proper #HandHygiene reduces #HCAIs and improves #patientsafety in healthcare facilities. #HHforUHC #InfectionPrevention #HealthforAll

- @HandwashingSoap's latest hand hygiene profile highlights Chedly Azzouz, who works with nurses to develop their skills, practices, and commitment for #InfectionPrevention through proper #HandHygiene. Read more here: #HHforUHC #HealthforAll

- Proper #HandHygiene contributes to the prevention of many adverse health outcomes, like #DiarrhealDisease #AMR and #HCAIs. Clean hands save lives! @WHO #HHforUHC #InfectionPrevention #HealthforAll

We look forward to you joining our Twitter storm and standing together to advocate on the importance of clean care for all! If you have any questions, please contact me at



Aarin Palomares, MPH

Advocacy Technical Officer, GHP

1825 Connecticut Ave NW

Washington, DC 20009

O: 202.884.8245


HIFA Profile: Aarin Palomares is Advocacy Technical Officer at FHI 360 in the USA. Email: apalomares AT