World Patient Safety Day 17 September 2019: Patient Safety: A Global Priority

10 September, 2019

HIFA is supporting World Patient Safety Day and we invite you to share your reflections and experience on this critical issue.

Extracts below from the International Association of Patient Organisations. Full text here:


About the Campaign

This first annual World Patient Safety Day (WPSD) is a moment for the global health community to come together to raise public awareness, understanding and engagement globally of the need to work towards global solidarity and action by all to promote patient safety...

Objectives of World Patient Safety Day...

Raise awareness of patient safety issues globally

Enhance global understanding on the central role of patient safety in achieving Universal Health Coverage and Sustainable Development Goals

Encourage development of systems and procedures for the elimination of all avoidable health care related harm to patients, and management of risks in health care...


Comment (NPW): Patient safety is dependent on many factors, one of which is the availability and use of reliable, relevant healthcare information (for patients and health workers). Patient safety is impossible if the basic SEISMIC needs of health workers are not met.

Best wishes, Neil

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