Would Plan S disadvantage researchers in the Global South? (2) WikiJournals

7 June, 2019

Per what is needed is to build a “collaborative, non-commercial, sustainable and non-subordinated” system in which control is removed from commercial publishers and handed back to the academy.

The Wikipedia movement created such a system in 2014, they are called WikiJournals. https://en.wikiversity.org/wiki/WikiJournal_User_Group

Currently there are 4 of them with the WikiJournal of Medicine being most developed.


The underlying technical costs are covered by the Wikimedia Foundation, which is supported by donations from the readers. All the work of editors, peer reviewers, and authors, as well as governance is done by volunteers.

There is no money, there is no fame, but there is the opportunity to publish in an fully open access peer reviewed journal without any associated costs. And those involved (ie the academics) control things in a democratic fashion.



James Heilman

MD, CCFP-EM, Wikipedian

HIFA profile: James Heilman is a Wikipedian and works with Wiki Project Med Foundation, a charity whose mission is to make clear, reliable, comprehensive, up-to-date educational resources and information in the biomedical and related social sciences freely available to all people in the language of their choice. He is an Emergency Room Physician in Cranbrook, British Columbia, and a Clinical Instructor at the University of British Columbia. jmh649 AT gmail.com