Zambia declares maternal and perinatal deaths as a public health emergency

10 May, 2019

Dear HIFA and HIFA-Zambia colleagues,

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Zambia is observing its national health week this week (6-12/05/2019). In his address during the official opening, HE, President Edigar Chagwa Lungu, expressed concern at the seemingly high number of Maternal and perinatal deaths in Zambia. He noted that Zambia had recorded slightly above 200 MDs in the first quarter of 2019 while about 786 MDs were recorded in 2018 (Whole year). With these facts, the president called for emergent interventions to reduce the numbers.

Zambia is grappling with numbers of midwives who are the first line carers with most Health Facilities being manned by general nurses who have limited midwifery competences. However, during the IDM2019 commemorations in Mansa District of Luapula province, the minister of health committed to enhancing midwifery training to ensure that every woman was assisted by a midwife during child birth.

Among other challenges that Zambia will have to tackle during this emergency period is to enhance the Social Behavioral Change among communities towards maternal and newborn related issues as a number of women are still reporting for ANC late, others deliver from home. Other challenges include inadequate supplies and commodities at times, long distances to health facilities, lack of male involvement, low community leadership participation, demotivated staff, among others.

It is therefore incumbent upon everyone to take part in fighting this fight to win.

Maternal deaths must end.

Together we can

Together we will

Together we are stronger

Goodson Mukosa Mpumba

RM/RN/BScNsg Student

Author of the book Daily Food For The Soul

Motivational Speaker

Preacher of the Gospel



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