7 August, 2016

Improving access to medical treatments and other health services

Join HIFA today for a major thematic discussion on Implementation Research. The discussion will launch on 8 August 2016 and will continue through to 19 September 2016. We are grateful for support from the World Health Organization (WHO), the Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases (TDR) and The Lancet.

10 July, 2016

From 6 June to 3 July 2016 HIFA hosted a thematic discussion around an important and neglected question: How can health research from low- and middle-income countries be made more accessible? This builds upon a previous, broader discussion on Access to Health Research, which led to the Manila Declaration on the Availability and Use of Health Research Information in and for Low- and Middle-income Countries in the Asia Pacific Region (26 August 2015).

9 July, 2016

HIFA presentation: From Persuasion to Empowerment, Evidence Live conference, Oxford, 23 June 2016

HIFA Coordinator Neil Pakenham-Walsh gave a short presentation at the Evidence Live conference, Oxford, 23 June 2016. At a time of increasing complexity in modern medicine he emphasised the importance of meeting the basic healthcare information needs of citizens and health workers.

Full text of presentation

22 February, 2016

We are delighted to announce a new HIFA programme on Evidence-informed Policy and Practice. Financially supported by TDR, the Special Programme on Research and Training in Tropical Diseases, the World Health Organization (WHO) and The Lancet

Download the publicity and discussion questions for HIFA Evidence Informed Policy and Practice 2016 Please forward to your contacts and networks.

6 November, 2015

What do the new SDGs mean for the future of global child health and the availability and access to lifesaving interventions? – A chance to engage with, learn about and discuss the SDGs in a global forum.

SDG 3.2: By 2030, end preventable deaths of newborns and children under 5 years of age, with all countries aiming to reduce neonatal mortality to at least as low as 12 per 1,000 live births and under-5 mortality to at least as low as 25 per 1,000 live births

29 August, 2015

For the month of September, the One Million Community Health Workers (1mCHW) Campaign and mPowering Frontline Health Workers are supporting HIFA to hold an in-depth exploration around the need for improved data on community health worker (CHW) programs, and how we can meet these needs in the post-2015 era. Read more below and here.

26 August, 2015

The Manila Declaration was officially launched today at the Global Froum for Health Research and innovation, Manila, and is available here.

24 August, 2015

Building on the rich discussions of the past five weeks, HIFA is delighted to be hosting its first global tweet chat to coincide with this weeks Forum 2015.

We encourage everyone to join the chat by logging on to twitter and following HIFA_Org and searching the hashtag #A2R4H15.

Please share widely amongst your networks.

Download the publicity flyer here


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