Health partnerships: What works and what doesn't?

19 September, 2016

<p>We invite you to <a href="/join/join-hifa-english">join HIFA</a> for an&nbsp;an online discussion on health partnership research, from&nbsp;19&nbsp;September to 21 October&nbsp;2016, supported by <a href="">THET</a>.</p>

<p>Health partnerships take many forms, but we shall be specifically discussing health partnerships as defined by THET: "A health partnership is an on-going collaboration between health institutions in high income countries and those in low and middle income countries."&nbsp;</p>

<p>Our discussion will contribute to the&nbsp;THET&nbsp;Annual Conference 2016 ‘<a href="">Evidence, Effectiveness, Impact’</a>&nbsp;, taking place at <a href="">Resource for London</a> on 20-21 October&nbsp;2016. The conference will focus on how health partnerships are changing the face of development and the role that they play in response to the challenges set by the new Sustainable Development Goals.</p>

<p>The discussion will also take place in parallel on&nbsp;<a href="">THET’s Community of Practice.</a></p>

<p>The following questions are proposed as a framework for the discussion:</p>

<p>1. What do we mean by 'health partnerships'?</p>

<p>2. What works well in your partnership and what is a challenge?</p>

<p>3. What evidence do you use to guide the planning and implementation of your partnership?</p>

<p>4. How do you measure the impact of your partnership?</p>

<p>Weeks 1,2,3,4 will focus on Questions 1,2,3,4 respectively. However, participants are welcome to address any or all questions at any time. Participants are also welcome&nbsp;to introduce other questions and related topics into the&nbsp;discussion.&nbsp;</p>

<p>For further details please contact the HIFA Coordinator, Neil Pakenham-Walsh:</p>