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'KANCO is a membership organization established in the early 1990s in Kenya with operations in the eastern Africa region. Its membership comprises of Non- Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Community Based Organizations (CBOs), and Faith Based Organizations (FBOs), Network organizations and learning institutions that have a focus on health advocacy and or implementing health programs.'



Social Assistance and Rehabilitation for the Physically Vulnerable (SARPV)

Social Assistance and Rehabilitation for the Physically Vulnerable (SARPV) work to sensitize different stakeholders how to reduce the vulnerability of becoming disabled during disaster and how to handle the people with disabilities during and after disaster. SARPV is an advocacy organization and we do advocacy with policy makers, local government, GOs and NGOs, community people, family members of disabled people in order to ensure the rights and accessibility of peoples with disabilities....



Building Regional Alliances to Nurture Child Health

Building Regional Alliances to Nurture Child Health partners with community leaders to listen to discuss programs they feel would improve child health and safety; Develops and implement training of trainers and pre-service curricula on the diagnosis, treatment and interagency coordination on sexual abuse and physical abuse, and Ensures the sustainability of the programs by facilitating relationships with governmental and international funding agencies to provide long-term funding.


New York , NY
United States
New York US

IBP Initiative

The Implementing Best Practices (IBP) initiative is a unique international partnership dedicated to scaling up what works in family planning and other areas of reproductive health. The partnership was initiated in 1999 by the World Health Organization (WHO), the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and nine cooperating agencies. Its membership has now grown to more 45 member organizations that include donors, international technical assistance organizations, regional and national partners.'



Perinatal Care Project

Perinatal Care Project (PCP) is a collaborative project of Diabetic Association of Bangladesh (BADAS), Women & Children First (UK) and University College London Institute for Global Health, UK, which aims to improve maternal and newborn health in rural areas in Bangladesh. PCP has both research and development objectives.


Dhaka , DHA
Dhaka BD

UKMi - UK Medicines Information

'UK Medicines Information is an NHS pharmacy based service. Its aim is to support the safe, effective and efficient use of medicines by the provision of evidence-based information and advice on their therapeutic use. The service has two broad functions: to support medicines management within NHS organisations; and to support healthcare professionals optimise use of medicines for individual patients'


United Kingdom


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