Vijay Kumar Chattu

The University of the West Indies

Dr. Vijay Kumar Chattu is a registered medical doctor (India and Trinidad & Tobago) and global health specialist with an MBBS & MD in Community Medicine from Nagpur University. He did his MPH in International Health Development from Antwerp and MPhil in Management from Stellenbosch University. He is currently working at The University of the West Indies as a faculty in Public Health teaching the MBBS & MPH as well as doing PhD in International Relations. He has received numerous prestigious Fellowships from Harvard University, NIH-USA, UPEACE, WHO-IARC, and Salzburg Global Seminar apart from being awarded Visiting Scholar at Nova University, University of Washington and UCLA (Los Angeles). He is also associated with EUCLID University as Research Professor and has a great passion for interdisciplinary research in health development.