Conferences and Webinars


HIFA has held two international conferences: 2011 (London) and 2014 (Dar es Salaam). We welcome expressions of interest to host a third HIFA conference. Contact us to find out more.


HIFA also holds occasional webinars, often in collaboration with other organisations. Contact us to find out more.

Add value to your conference or webinar

Are you planning a conference or webinar on a global health issue? HIFA can add value to your event. We can do this by supporting a dedicated global online discussion in the weeks leading into your event. HIFA's growing membership (more than 18,000 professionals in 178 countries) is ready to share their huge experience and expertise around key questions relevant to your event. This also provides an opportunity for people to engage with the event, whether or not they are able to attend the event in person.  Contact us to find out more.