11th Nov.: Responsibilities of Faith Leaders in Supporting National Efforts Fighting Pandemics, and the Tools at Their Disposal (Live from Jerusalem)

6 November, 2021

Dear Colleagues,

We are very happy to invite you to this practical and inspiring on-line workshop (in English): Responsibilities of Faith Leaders in Supporting National Efforts Fighting Pandemics, and the Tools at Their Disposal – initiated and organized by the Jerusalem Impact Vaccination Initiative.

The urgent need to find new directions, support and strategies to end the COVID-19 pandemic draws attention to the important role faith leaders could play in enhancing trust, supporting national efforts to equitably deploy vaccinations and mobilizing community-wide action and education for effective public health measures.

Broadcast live from Jerusalem, the Workshop will be a unique meeting point of public health professionals, healthcare workers and faith leaders at all levels and from all religions including faith-based organizations (FBOs) and faith-based health providers. At the Workshop, researchers will find interesting new grounds for research.

Please see the event page, which includes all the details regarding free registration, agenda, background and times. 

We greatly appreciate your support in promoting the event, Please share this information with your networks, invite your colleagues and post it on your social media, webpage, etc.

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If you have any questions or require more information, please do not hesitate to contact us: faith.covid.workshop@gmail.com

Jerusalem Impact Vaccination Initiative Team

HIFA profile: Inon Schenker is a Global Health Consultant and Senior HIV/AIDS Prevention Specialist, OAC and Jerusalem AIDS Project, Israel. He is researching and practicing global health leadership is three areas: Firstly, through teaching future generations of public health practitioners at the International MPH Program of Hebrew University-Hadassah in Jerusalem, Israel; at IHP 2011 and in capacity as Director of Geneva Seminar of Health and Globalization. Secondly, a founder of Operation Abraham Collaborative (OAC), a program supporting male circumcision for HIV prevention in Africa. Thirdly, as a senior consultant to U.N. agencies, governments and private sector in his fields of expertise. He is often engaged as a speaker and communicator on multi-cultural global health issues. inon_schenker AT yahoo.com