50,000 women die of maternal causes annually in Nigeria

23 October, 2021

Extracts below and comment from me. Full text: https://healthwise.punchng.com/50000-women-die-of-maternal-causes-annual...


The Director and Head of the Reproductive Health, Federal Ministry of Health, Dr. Kayode Afolabi, on Thursday, said that no fewer than 50,000 women die annually in Nigeria due to maternal causes...

The reproductive health expert said that these deaths were avoidable, hence the need for the self-care initiative in the country’s health system...

Afolabi said that the self-care guideline was about individuals and families protecting their health and accessing healthcare without delay.

He said that the initiative targeted everyone, but used maternal health as an entry point.

“Self-care is an innovative method to support universal health coverage and we are using reproductive maternal health as an entry into self-care in Nigeria.

“It is putting us in charge of our health, to be more responsible to our health and therefore promote it...


Comment (NPW): It's interesting that meeting the healthcare information needs of the public is described as 'innovative'. I hope this indicates an increasing emphasis on this vital aspect of healthcare information for all. Meanwhile ironically I was unable to find the actual self-care guideline. Can anyone help?

Neil Pakenham-Walsh, HIFA Coordinator, neil@hifa.org www.hifa.org

Coordinator, HIFA Project on Information for Citizens, Parents and Children