Access to personal health information (13) Patient safety

14 July, 2020

We discussed safety of patients after the murder of 230 patients by injection of morphine over 20 years by Dr Harold Shipman a Family Doctor in my neighbourhood in Manchester, England in 2003. One of the best safety measures was for patients and families to have direct access to digital medical records made by the doctors, nurses and administration staff. In a study in 2006 30% of patients found omissions or errors in their notes. ("Sharing Electronic health records: the patient view" John Powell, Richard Fitton, Caroline Fitton, Informatics in Primary Care 2006 14.57-7 Primary Health Care Specialist Group British Computer Society )

Patients' stories of how this works can be seen on the website of the doctors at Thornley House Surgery, Hyde, Manchester, the practice that dealt with the families of many of the murdered patients

A patient, Oliver Crowton,'s powerful personal message can be seen here:

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