Access to personal health information (4) Security of personal health information

1 July, 2020

Good morning,

In countries were the patients files are not protected. Any person can be used by corrupt organizations in a way to obtain their own interests. Is danger for many! Even for a country organizer.

We need actions for patient file.

I wanted to show you all the problem existing in many other countries. Maybe exist someone who wants to write about his country. Mrs Richard Fitton's gave just one example of UK.

Mozambique is a country with communication problems, cause for difficult digitization of health systems. Patient files digitization is the worse issue in this case. The National plan for digitization of health systems is taking over 20 years. Just to introduce you to our NO DIGITAL FILES.

From one disease we are escalating to complex diseases called Syndromes. It makes easy to say 'you have H.I.V.'.

Working with Non Communicable Diseases, I have been challenged with advice given to Syndrome patients if we discover a High Blood Pression or other associated or related conditions. GP and Specialized doctors have trouble to explain exactly all plagues to the patient. The cause of deaths are also decided by the Syndrome, even if the disease is controlled. Example: patient with H.I.V. usually haven't diagnose of Asthma or Pulmonary Chronic Obstructive Disease.

We use letters to transfer patients. Mostly of the time open letter, not protected. It is common to do not find the file of a certain patient.

The matter of protection of files is not discussed deeply. I use to say 'We do not have doors'!

Corruption linked with health information has taken health system buying unused materials and medicines. The most important newspapers use to publish reportages about the mentioned issue.

Share information is not habitual inside of health services. Decision makers are in danger to fail.

AI without authorization is not for a better days, specially for the victim.

Kind Regards!

From Isabel Keshavji; (; GP, MPhil. Community Health, Mozambique

HIFA profile: Isabel I Keshavji is a GP at the Health Ministry in Mozambique. Professional interests: Non Communicable Diseases. isabelkeshavji AT