AfroPHC Launch 20th April 2021

13 April, 2021

Hi all

It has been quite a journey since the idea of the African Forum for Primary Health Care (AfroPHC) was floated in August 2019 at the AfrIPEN Conference in Kenya. AfroPHC is a coming together of leaders of frontline primary health care (PHC) workers in Africa to advocate for appropriate PHC and Universal Health Coverage in Africa. Representatives of the array of Africa-wide PHC organisations have been working as an AfroPHC Core Team from January 2020 to guide the development of AfroPHC, building both momentum and value, despite the challenges of COVID-19. See About AfroPHC

The AfroPHC Core Team has tried to develop momentum with a Google Group as a community of practice. It has over 600 people supporting considerable networking A series of webinars introduced the various organisations supporting AfroPHC in early 2020. AfroPHC then had a three-day Team-building Workshop 8-9 September 2020 (delayed from June 2020) to get members of the PHC team engaged in collectively developing key ideas about PHC in Africa. An AfroPHC Statement emerged from the workshop, demonstrating the shared values of community orientation and PHC teamwork. A PHC in UHC Workshop happened on 10th December 2020 and a PHC in UHC Workshop report emerged from this workshop. We are planning a series of AfroPHC Policy Workshops 1-4 pm Central African Time on the third Tuesday of every month. The first one, on 16th March 2021 on HR Management Issues, was very useful. We hope to develop an AfroPHC Position Statement on PHC/UHC in Africa for WHO AFRO.

The AfroPHC Core Team has tried to develop value with training. AfroPHC has partnered with AMREF to provide a modular online Leadership and Management Course, free to our members. You should join the AfroPHC Policy Groups (linked to monthly workshops) when you join AfroPHC (if you are interested). AfroPHC is in a partnership with the World Continuing Education Alliance to provide and develop African Continuing Professional Development (CPD) that is accredited by African professional councils. We are trying to build material for clinical training using a Post-Graduate Diploma in Family Medicine/PHC as a framework. You should join the AfroPHC Clinical Groups when you join AfroPHC (if you are interested).

The AfroPHC Core Team wants to launch AfroPHC as a formal organization 1-3pm Central Africa Time (CAT) on 20th April 2021 with you as its member. Join here AfroPHC will be governed by an annual general meeting (AGM) of individual members (1 vote) and institutional members (2 votes) (with no membership fees this year) and a nine-person Executive Board elected for three years that will elect leadership from within and meet at least quarterly. The revised Articles of Association will be adopted at the launch.

We want AfroPHC members to stand for election onto the AfroPHC Executive Board. We need a diversity of countries, professions-cadres, ages, and gender. After you join AfroPHC you can email your brief CV and your agreement to be nominated to The deadline for nominations is 8 am CAT Monday 19th April. It would be best if you can get another member to support your nomination by copying the email to them and asking them to reply to support your nomination before the deadline. The AfroPHC Core Team will be considering supporting nominations as well so please send your CV anyway.

We hope to see all AfroPHC members join us at the AfroPHC Launch Meeting 1-3 pm CAT Tuesday 20th April 2021. We will send all AfroPHC members the link to the zoom meeting together with more details of the meeting. If you have joined before we request that you join again and indicate your interest in the policy and clinical groups (as these details were not there previously).

Join AfroPHC and help us take PHC/UHC forward in Africa.

rgds, Shabir

Prof S. Moosa

Pray, keep well and safe

rgds, Shabir

Prof S. Moosa

HIFA profile: Shabir Moosa is an Associate Professor and Family Physician in the Department of Family Medicine & Primary Health Care, Johannesburg Health District and University of Witwatersrand. Visit website and email shabir AT