Article on Trump eliminating paywalls for public research

22 December, 2019

Happy holidays everyone!

I recently came across this Vox article, "Trump might help free science that's locked behind paywalls" [ It is not being reported in major news outlets, but in some smaller publications, like E&E News [].

Basically, they are reporting that President Trump is considering an Executive Order to make all federally-funded scientific research publicly available upon publication. Does anyone have more information about this? Elsevier, Wiley, and dozens of American medical societies have signed a letter urging President Trump not to do this, dated December 18 [ They write from the point of view that this would violate American intellectual property rights and decrease money earned from these exports.

I hope some of our fantastic HIFA colleagues have more information, and perhaps even a way to advocate to the White House for the importance of access to health information?

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HIFA profile: Amelia Abdelrazik is the Portfolio & Impact Manager at Preston-Werner Ventures, a San Francisco-based foundation looking to create scalable impact at the intersection of climate change and social justice. Amelia specializes in sexual reproductive health and rights, focusing on family planning information & access. She is currently based in Cairo, Egypt. She is a member of the HIFA working group on Family Planning and the HIFA wg on Community Health Workers.

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