Artificial intelligence in health

10 September, 2020

Artificial intelligence in health: “Countries should prioritize the foundations ― robust technology architecture, connectivity, access to quality and representative data, data privacy and security layers, data stewardship, interoperability, fair and transparent algorithms and AI models, and explainability,” says a new report that the USAID- and PEPFAR-funded Data.FI partner macro-eyes contributed to. Also critical, the report states, are "consent-driven policy frameworks, a strong data and AI strategy, robust technology implementation roadmaps, and the formulation of relevant best practices." The AI report was compiled with input from a wide range of experts and institutions. Well worth reading! See

Elizabeth T. Robinson, MS

Senior Communications Advisor, Data.FI


Chapel Hill, NC 27516 USA



Digital health and analytics to harness the power of data

HIFA profile: Elizabeth T. Robinson is Senior Communications Advisor, Data.FI Project, Palladium, Chapel Hill, NC USA. elizabeth.robinson AT