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1 April, 2020

Hello Dr Tusharkanti Dey

My husband mentioned about someone from Chennai working on a project that seemed an area of interest to you (and maybe others in this group. I had forwarded your email to him and he wrote to you, but he is not sure if you got it. So I am posting his message here, as I realized that it may be useful to more too.



I am helping a youngster Krishna who is a product designer from the Netherlands, currently based in Chennai, India.

Having some experience in designing low-cost medical devices, he is now involved with a global team of design and engineering volunteers to develop low cost, high scale safety solutions for the healthcare workers amidst the COVID situation. You can find more about our work here []. The team’s idea is to develop a simplified portable sterilizer using Ultraviolet Germicidal irradiation (UVGI) spectrum (245nm) to deactivate COVID-19 and to ensure the safety of professional health care workers. They are developing the project as open-source hardware (meaning anyone can use the designs, for free), and in such a way that it can be assembled with local materials.

I wrote a mail to Dr. Tusharkanti Dey in detail and requested Krishna to call and speak to him. The Doctor has not yet responded to my mail and I hope Krishna has been able to reach him.

I also take ideas to Mr. Amit Chandra, Chairman of Bain Capital and former Trustee of TATA Trust. I have informed him about Dr. Dey and he has noted the details. Amit in association with Mariwala has announced an award.

“To solve the global health crisis amidst #COVID19 we're launching #TheGrandChallenge for innovators across #India - with grants worth Rs. 2.5 Crores (US$ 250,000 Appx.) from Marico Innovation Foundation, Mr. Harsh Mariwala and A.T.E Chandra Foundation”.

I would like you to post this in the group so that Dr. Dey gets to know. And if the Doctors in the group need more information about both Krishna’s project and would like to assist him plus details of the award I will be happy to help.

Trust this is fine.



Vasumathi Sriganesh

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HIFA profile: Vasumathi Sriganesh was a medical librarian in the 1990s. In the year 2007 she set up a Not-for-profit Trust, which she has named QMed Knowledge Foundation. Along with her colleagues in QMed she regularly conducts workshops in literature searching and reference management, as these skills have never been prioritized in medical education in India. She is also a regular faculty on these topics, in Research Methodology workshops all over the country. She hopes that the Foundation's activity will help the current generation of students value the need for correct and systematic literature searching as a component of the practice of Evidence Based Medicine. She also works with INFORMER (a student body) and the South Asian Cochrane Centre, whenever there are opportunities to help. The Union (IUATLD), and MECOR (of the American Thoracic Society) have incorporated QMed's literature searching workshops as part of their research training initiatives in India. Most recently the Campbell Collaboration has also invited QMed to incorporate their workshops in their training initiatives. vasu AT