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1 April, 2020

Dear Dr Dey

I read your post on HIFA.

I am worried that many would be there who are suffering like you.

It is good that you have approached the HIFA.

Please let us know how could we be of help.

I am Dr Babasaheb Tandale, Scientist F Epidemiology at ICMR - NIV Pune. I am MD Preventive Social Medicine. Currently I am trying to educate and make people aware on essential information they need to have, roles of volunteers in community response to COVID-19.

Let us explore and see how we could do it.

Best regards

Dr. Babasaheb V. Tandale


Dr. Babasaheb V. Tandale; MD (PSM), PG Diploma-Bioethics

Scientist F & Group Leader

Epidemiology Group

ICMR-National Institute of Virology

Microbial Containment Complex (MCC) Campus

130/1, Sus Road, Pashan

PUNE 411021




HIFA profile: Babasaheb Tandale is a doctor and scientist in E Epidemiology at the Indian Council of Medical Research, ICMR. Professional interests: Epidemiology of virus diseases along with prevention and control of diseases and outbreaks. drtandale AT