BMJ editorial: Healthcare information for all (7) Novel coronavirus (66)

1 March, 2020

Dear Neil,

This is a great achievement to the HIFA family. The big dream and vision started in Mombasa Kenya in 2006 [launch of HIFA] continue to be realized through great efforts from members and our leadership.

Being a Health Information professional and having served in humanitarian response during devastating outbreaks e.g Ebola and SARS, I have realized that we face a challenge of misinformation during new outbreaks as is happening currently with COVID-19. This may be due to lack of proper strategies to utilize the information collected during these outbreaks or lack of access of this information to the public. There's a lot of drama going on globally on COVID-19 due to misinformation which could have been minimized by the lessons learnt from past outbreaks.

As health information professional, its important that we find a solution to this challenge using technology e.g social media to continue sharing the information and educating the public even after outbreaks are long gone.


Beatrice Muraguri

BSc HRIM, MPH(KIT,Netherlands)

Health Information/Public Health Specialist



HIFA profile: Beatrice Muraguri is a Health Information/Public Health Specialist with the Ministry of Health, Kenya. She previously worked as an Information Management Consultant with WHO on the Ebola Outbreak Response, Freetown, Sierra Leone. She is a HIFA Country Representative. bemura68 AT