BMJ editorial: Healthcare information for all (9)

2 March, 2020

Hi Dear, [Alison Nicholls, UK - ]

I agree with you that good health information is worth than the largest world hospital. Unfortunately, the business incline system will continue to drive peoples/ health care seekers unnecessary to hospitals / health facilities where they will sometime not meet professionals ready to communicate adequately.

Lack of straightforward communication is not the best practice in our hospitals especially in developing countries. Health seekers come in with some misinformation (from public media quite often but not always) and go back home without clear view of their disbelieve on a health issue.

In clear, we should lay emphasis on communication during our contact with patients.

Bye for now.

HIFA profile: Armand Seraphin Nkwescheu is a Public Health Consultant at the Cameroon Society of Epidemiology. Professional interests: Road traffic injury, Neglected Tropical Diseases with emphasis on snakebites and envenoming, Non communicable Diseases, Health systems and Development Evaluation. nkwesch AT