BMJ GH: Defining global health as public health somewhere else (6)

26 January, 2020

Dear HIFA and Neil

It is important that any definition of Global Health includes not only health and well-being but also the promotion of the person's functioning so that they may not only be as independent or autonomous as they wish but also able to be part of society.

I hope that helps although it is a bit clumsy.

All good wishes,


HIFA profile: Anne Chamberlain is professor of rehabilitation medicine at Leeds University, UK. She is also director of the Opt In management group, a charitable initiative which has co-ordinated overseas development visits in Bangladesh (spinal surgery techniques; therapy for children with cerebral palsy); Uganda (ultrasound training); Swaziland (community management of epilepsy); and Madagascar (ophthalmology). M.A.Chamberlain AT