BMJ GH: Defining global health as public health somewhere else (7)

27 January, 2020

Dear colleagues,

I respect but do not share your opinion as we are all familiar with this term. World population health is a global problem especially in these times of global warming and climate change, the possibility of rapid spread of various infections by plane travel, population migration ... For me as a pediatrician, no health problem in any part of the world is something that is "something what's going on out there ". We need to have developed empathy and help each other with the means available to us (especially with knowledge and experience).

With respect

Prim. dr Mirjana Radovanovic

HIFA profile: Mirjana Radovanovic is a Prim. Doctor specializing in Pediatrics and Public Health at the Stari Grad Health Centre and Red Cross of Serbia. She is a HIFA Country Representative