BMJ Global Health: Reclaiming comprehensive public health

28 September, 2020

Hi Colleagues,

Here is our new article from the Health System Global's SHAPES Thematic Working Group, published in BMJ Global Health:

Title: Reclaiming comprehensive public health

Authors: Rene Loewenson, Kirsten Accor, Nitin Bajpai, Kent Buse, Thilagawathi Abi Deivanayagam, Leslie London, Claudio A Méndez, Talib Mirzoev, Erica Nelson, Ateeb Ahmad Parray, Ari Probandari, Eric Sarriot, Moses Tetui, André Janse van Rensburg

Published: 25 September 2020 in British Medical Journal Global Health


Citation: Loewenson, R., Accoe, K., Bajpai, N., Buse, K., Deivanayagam, T. A., London, L., Méndez, C. A., Mirzoev, T., Nelson, E., Parray, A. A., Probandari, A., Sarriot, E., Tetui, M., & van Rensburg, A. J. (2020). Reclaiming comprehensive public health. BMJ Global Health, 5(9), e003886.


In this piece, we highlight deficiencies and harms of a dominant biosecurity, authoritarian framing of public health. We argue for a comprehensive, participatory, inclusive public health approach that integrates rights, social dimensions and diverse sources of knowledge, evidence and innovation and that maintains equity as a critical goal.

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Ateeb Ahmad Parray


HIFA profile: Ateeb Ahmad Parray is a Fellow at the BRAC James P Grant School of Public Health in Bangladesh and has a professional interest in health policy and systems research, qualitative research, gender and intersectionality, women empowerment etc. Email address: ahmad.ateeb101 AT