Breast health early detection course

16 April, 2021

Hi there!

I just received my invitation to create an account and have done so. I would like to put out a post requesting/looking for health care providers, community health workers, and other health professionals and academics who might be interested in becoming certified through our breast health early detection course. We provide this course free of charge, requesting that upon course completion, they use their knowledge to teach in their local communities. This knowledge complements preventive and family medicine. We also have materials in 28 languages. Let me know if this is something that I can post and I can provide you with a more detailed posting with images if needed.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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Aysha Strawn


Aysha Strawn

Community Manager, Know Your Lemons Foundation

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HIFA profile: Aysha Strawn is Community Manager at the Know Your Lemons Foundation, United States of America. Professional interests: Implementing Know Your Lemons materials worldwide through Community Health Workers. We want to learn how we can become charity partners with other organizations in countries outside of USA so that we can make a deeper global impact in reducing deaths from breast cancer through early detection education. Email: aysha AT