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CABI November Update

3 November, 2020

Dear HIFA colleagues

Keep up-to-date with FREE to access key scientific news written by CABI's Global Health editors and an extension to our FREE CORONAVIRUS coverage until 31st DEC


The Home page news article is: COVID-19's impact on food security

The coronavirus pandemic may cause an extra 83-132 million people to go hungry, on top of the 690 million people who are already hungry worldwide, estimates the FAO. Economic disruption from the pandemic, coupled with the effects from climate change, have left many millions of people vulnerable to hunger and malnutrition.

Read the news article here: https://bit.ly/388JkBj

Our editors are continually writing news on key public health topics from across the world.

The 6 theme and & 7 region pages on the Global Health site are regularly updated with FREE to read news. Such as:

Health divide between rural and urban areas widens in US

Mental health impacts of neglected tropical diseases

World sees two million stillbirths annually - report

Read ALL the news items and try out the site here: https://bit.ly/2GkkDGt


Browse & search ALL CABI's coronavirus content, including human and animal collections, until the end of December 2020 here: https://bit.ly/3l2SrqR

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HIFA profile: Jesslyn Thay is Global Health Content Editor at CABI, UK. Email address: j.thay AT cabi.org