Capacity building in women’s cancer care in fragile, conflict-impacted ecosystems

15 May, 2021

A new Special Issue has just been published on ecancer on African model(s) for capacity building in women’s cancer care in fragile, conflict-impacted ecosystems.

The four articles included in the issue provide a starting point for cancer research using implementation science to improve capacity building for vulnerable populations in the unique conflict ecosystems of Sub Saharan Africa.

The series features a collaboration between researchers in Zambia, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), and the USA with the aim of improving outcomes in women's cancers. Topics covered include the adoption of a novel rapid radical surgical training model for early stage cervical cancer applied to the specific needs and context in the DRC, the innovative implementation of detection and treatment services for cervical and breast cancer, and a partnership with a non-profit organisation to purchase affordable basic chemotherapy.

All the articles are open access and can be read here:

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